About OXON

OXON, the Oxford medical cannabis company, represents pioneering cannabinoid research, innovation and quality assurance.
Our vision is founded on the principles of: 
- Quality of life
- Safety, efficacy
- Expertise, care and passion

OXON is part of Equinox International, a vertically integrated land-to-brand cannabis company. We ensure the integrity of every step in the manufacturing and supply process, including cultivation and production methods, quality control, regulatory compliance and distribution.



Our land-to-brand ethos drives us in our determination to advance the medical cannabis industry, as we remain committed to supporting innovation in plant genetics, agricultural techniques, proprietary formulation, product development, and processing technologies, while always ensuring strict compliance and quality assurance at all levels of our business.

Equinox is engaged in all aspects of the cannabis industry, from developing its own innovations, processes and proprietary strains to formulating unique products and creating IP.

Please visit www.equinoxinternational.com for more information.

Research and product development conducted by Equinox and its partners serves as the bedrock for the OXON range of cannabis products, which are designed to offer dosing precision, discretion and ease of use.

OXON has developed market leading proprietary formulations under its exclusive partnership with Oxford Antibiotic Group and is developing research with leading academic institutions internationally.

Oxford Antibiotic Group is an innovative drug discovery and development company that brings together Austrian drug development expertise with Oxford’s excellence in Chemistry and Life Sciences. 

Oxford Antibiotic Group’s mission is to find a solution for the unmet medical need in bacterial resistance, and to save lives with new antibacterial therapies. 

Oxford Antibiotic Group works with Equinox International on exclusive proprietary cannabis formulations.

Please visit https://oxfordantibioticgroup.com for more information.


Our land-to-brand ethos drives our determination to advance the medical cannabis industry by driving innovation in plant genetics, agricultural techniques, proprietary formulation, product development and processing technologies, while ensuring strict compliance and quality assurance at all levels of our business.

OXON Medical: Inspired by Nature, Driven by Science

OXON represents our continuing efforts to develop the highest quality medical cannabis products. 

OXON Medical products are developed to ensure safety, quality and efficacy.


OXON Organic: Quality of Life

OXON products combine scientific knowledge of the beneficial properties of the cannabis plant with modern agricultural and processing technology.  

OXON Organic products have been developed to promote healthy living and improve Quality of Life. OXON Organic CBD and CBG products are derived from EU-registered hemp varieties and are both EU Organic and Bio certified.

All OXON Organic products can be used daily as part of a healthy lifestyle.


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